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Peterborough Theatre Guild 2013-2014 Season

- Playbill subject to change -

Sept 20-Oct 5, 2013

PTG presents An Evening of Edward Albee

by Edward Albee

directed by David Russell

2 One-Act Plays

The Zoo Story and Counting the Ways

Written 18 years apart, these plays offer two very different styles of theatre while sustaining Albee’s idiosyncratic brand of fun and menace, punctuated by Albee’s concise, playful, musical sense of language.

Double Talk - is what they say what they mean ... or what they mean to say?

The Zoo Story (1958), Albee’s first play portrays a simple yet spectacular chance meeting between two very different men at a secluded part of Central Park in New York City.

At first blush Counting the Ways (1976) is a hilarious, whimsical romp on the mores of married life that begins with the age-old and impossible question- “Do you love me?” But this tour-de-force twists its way beyond the obvious, plunging us deeper, using language to tap the menace just below the veneer of our surface realities.

Oct 17 -20, 2013

A Candle on the Table

by Patricia Clapp

directed by Beth McMaster

Festival 1-Act

Three elderly women meet at a lunch table on their first day in a home for senior citizens. A candle placed there by the matron awakens different memories in each. The lunchtime conversation reveals some surprising aspect of the lives and personalities of the three women and culminates in a friendship and an affirmative decision.

Nov 1-16, 2013

PS Uncle Angus

by Neil Marr

directed by Bea Quarrie

dark comedy

What happens when a family secret is revealed as grown up children have gathered for Dad's funeral? This is a darkly funny play about innocence lost. The Thomas family of Essex County must cope with various crises for which they are ill prepared. And as in most families, some crises are of their own making, others are thrust upon them.

Nov 26-Dec 1


by Ruth Newton

directed by Cindy Wardrope

    The PTG's family show is a fun twist on the Cinderella story. Your favorite characters are all there.
  • Cinderella
  • a charming prince
  • mean stepsisters
  • a fairy godmother
  • many others

This new version of the ever-loved story of Cinderella places emphasis on audience participation. The Fairy Godmother resorts to help from the audience - mainly because she is out of practice and not at all certain that everything is going to work properly.

Cinderella's slipper is tried on youngsters in the audience, and they are consulted as to whether the wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters should be turned into happy people.

Jan 17-Feb 1, 2014

The Three Sisters

by Chekhov, adapted by David Mamet

directed by Jane Werger

A master at balancing comedy and tragedy, Chekhov explores the emotional life of the Prozoroff family and the soldiers who are welcomed into their home in late 19th century Russia. He pulls us into the dreams and passions of 14 characters who long for happiness and meaning in an imperfect world.

Feb 21-Mar 8, 2014

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

by Martin McDonagh

directed by Jerry Allen

Festival Play

Set in the village of Leenane, Connemara, Ireland in the early 1990s, the play centers on Maureen Folan, an emotionally-taut, middle-aged spinster and her relationship with her malevolent mother, Mag, who manipulates and exploits her daughter to keep her psychologically enslaved as a caregiver. Into this scenario of domestic toxicity comes Pato Dooley, a gentle, long-time admirer of Maureen who is leaving to work in the U.S.A. and wants Maureen to come with him. It’s a last chance opportunity for Maureen to escape her prison and Mag quickly recognizes the threat to her own selfish comforts.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane will be the Peterborough Theatre Guild's entry into the E.O.D.L. Festival for 2014

May 2-10, 2014


by Lionel Bart

directed by Gillian Wilson

musical direction by Kate Suhr and Brian McDonald

choreography by Julie Fallis


at Showplace

Charles Dickens' beloved tale of Oliver Twist, set in the slums of London in the early 1800's, is one his most heartwarming stories and features not only the young and innocent child, Oliver, but such famous fictional characters as Fagin, Nancy, the Artful Dodger, Bill Sykes and a motley crew of orphans and street urchins, all of whom will make you laugh and cry and want to sing along to such well-known songs as “I'd Do Anything”, “Who will Buy”, “Consider Yourself”, “Oom-pah pah”,“Pick a Pocket or Two” and many more.

July 11-20, 2014

Criminals in Love

by George Walker

directed by Erin Maxfield


"Criminals in Love” is one of five plays Walker has written about life in the slums of East Toronto.

“Criminals in Love” focuses on Junior, a teen-ager who wants to be not like his father. The father, a habitual petty criminal, has other plans for Junior: He wants Junior to provide storage space for stolen goods. Gail, Junior’s girlfriend, aspires to something like a normal life, and Junior sees Gail as his salvation.

August 8 – 17, 2014

Enchanted April

by Matthew Barber

directed by Judi Wilson

Romantic Comedy

Feeling lost in their marriages and in the rapidly shifting social currents of post-WWI London, two middle-class housewives rent a villa in Italy for an impulsive holiday away from their lives, reluctantly recruiting a pair of independent upper-class women to share the cost and experience. There, among the wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine, all four clash—and then begin to bloom—rediscovering themselves in ways that they never could have imagined.

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