Audition Notice for:


by: Geoff Hewitson and Chuck Vollmar

Director: Geoff Hewitson and Chuck Vollmar

Audition Dates

Wednesday September 10th at 7 pm

Production Dates

October 16-19 in the Gwen Brown Studio

Audition Location

Gwen Brown Studio at the PTG Guildhall, 364 Rogers St, Peterborough, ON
Enter the Guildhall through the backdoor nearing the parking lot.


- one male aged 50ish to 60ish
- another male aged 20ish to 30ish.
- one female aged over 40 and able to sound as an older voice from offstage.

The Story

Fishing Buddies” is the story of two men who find each other alone in each other’s company as a result of a serious car crash. After blaming each other for the accident the two strangers find some common ground and realize they must work together to survive. This is the story of male bonding.

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