The Board is reviews and updates Board Policies on an ongoing basis.  Board policies are listed below. If you’d like to read a full copy of a Board policy that is not linked here, please contact the Corporate Secretary.


1-1 Creation of Operating Policies
1-2 Activities for which Membership is Required
1-3 Payment for Services
1-4 Privacy Protection
1-5 Liability Insurance
1-6 Responsibilities of the Board and Production Executive
1-7 Structure of Production Executive
1-8 Structure of Board of Directors and its Committees


2-1 Classes of Membership, Setting of Fees and Ticket Prices
2-2 Current Membership Packages, Fees and Ticket Prices
2-3 Capital Budgets and Purchasing (includes quotation requirements)
2-4 Donations to Affiliated Groups (includes donations of tickets, memberships, use of facilities, etc.)
2-5 Signing Authorities
2-6 Issuing of Donation Receipts, Seat Naming
2-7 Travel Expenses
2-8 Payment of Expenses for Drama Festivals
2-9 Annual General Meeting Financial Reports
2-10 Funds Management (Financial Policy)
2-11 Reimbursement of Non-travel Expenses


3-1 Capital Assets
3-2 Rental of Guild Facilities
3-3 Rental of Guild Equipment
3-4 Genie Lift
3-5 Security Camera
3-6 Inspection of Stage
3-7 Key Control


4-1 Production Budgets
4-2 Sale and Return of Performance Tickets/Preview Tickets
4-3 Complimentary Memberships and Tickets for Performances
4-4 Special Performances or Events
4-5 Advance Ticket Sales to Cast and Crew
4-6 Recording Performances
4-7 Copyright of Plays
4-8 Security of Weapons in Shows
4-9 Use of Pyrotechnics

Development and Recognition

5-1 Company Development
5-2 Volunteer Recognition and Awards (includes Outstanding Service Award and Dean Mortimer Bursary)


6-1 Fire and Safety
6-2 Bar Policy
6-3 Adults Working with Children Under the Age of 16
6-4 Criminal Clearance Checks
6-5 Criminal Record Check
6-6 Emergency Procedures

Board Committees

7-1 Health & Safety Committee
7-2 Nominating Committee
7-3 Policy Committee
7-6 Play Selection


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